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About Chicago Combatives

Chicago Combatives is the home for combatives training in Chicagoland.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality of training in combatives, self-defense, and fighting fitness.  On this site, you will find the full list of classes offered, as well as a list of upcoming seminars from the top instructors in the field of self-protection.  


We offer weekly combatives classes, seminars, and private training.

Forteza Combatives Training
Chicago Combatives

 Chicago Combatives is the system of self-protection developed by founder Keith Jennings.  The Chicago Combatives curriculum was developed after nearly three decades of training and researching various Asian and Western methods of martial arts and combatives, as well as his own experiences and those of his students and colleagues in real life Self Protection situations.


Chicago Combatives is intended for neither a sport nor as an art. Instead, it is designed with the goal of dealing with street violence and level 10 threats.  The training focus  is on mastering a few well-honed personal security concepts, gain an understanding of the affects of adrenaline and fear in a real world self defense situation, and to develop a tool box of techniques that will work under real fight duress.

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Weapons Plus Program


The Weapons Plus Program  is a uniques blend of Western and Asian sword systems, combined with Full Contact Stick Fighting.  Techniques are drawn from historical European fencing systems, Filipino martial arts, Korean and Japanese swordsmanship, and modern full contact stick fighting.  Students start off training with wooden bokken and rattan kali sticks before moving on to synthetic and steel sword simulators, sparring, and live blade cutting.

ChiCom Blade Combatives


ChiCom Blade Combatives in an integrated approach to edged weapon tactics, blending empty hand Combatives, clinch fighting, and reverse grip knife fighting.  Emphasis is on the use of small EDC blades that are legal to carry,  and easy to conceal.  Training focus is on weapon accessing, both dynamic and in-fight, both long range and close quarters tactics, and using a knife as a retention tool for conceal carry permit holders. 

Fighting Fitness


Our fitness program focuses on functional strength training through kettlebells, body weight training, unconventional fitness methods, and high intensity interval training to help get you lean, strong, and in fighting shape.  Bootcamps and personal training are available through the north side of the city. 

Our Training paradigm


Our training approach focuses on several key elements

  • Hard Skills.

  • Soft Skills.

  • Modern solutions for modern problems.

  • Stress testing/scenario training.

  • Urban survival and combat medicine.

  • Firearms training.

  • Fighting fitness.

Intructor Bio

Head Instructor Keith Jennings 

Keith Jennings is the founder and head instructor of the Chicago Combatives program. Keith started his martial arts training at a young age, starting in traditional Okinawan and Korean martial arts.  After earning his Black Belt and competing in the martial sport world, Keith turned his focus on the more pragmatic comabtives systems.. He is a full instructor in Mike Janich’s Martial Blade Concepts, and an apprentice instructor in Urban Combatives.  Keith is also a personal trainer, specializing in kettlebells and functional strength training.

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