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Local training opportunities

Here is where you will find information about weekly training opportunities, as well as info on upcoming seminars and gatherings.  Training opportunities will also be posted on our social media sites, so make sure you like and follow us on Facebook for the most up to date info!

Week Night Combatives class Tuesdays at 8pm

Class location: 4256 N. Ravenswood Ave.  

Daytime Combatives Training is available.  Message us for days and times.


Suburb Combatives Training Group

Meets once a month at Elmhurst Martial Arts: 681 York Street Elmhurst, IL


Private Training also available!

One on One and small group training is now available.  Customize your Self Protection game plan, and train when it's convenient for your schedule!

  • There really is no cookie cutter Self Defense system that works.  Each person's Self Protection needs are uniquely their own.  

  • Age, gender, lifestyle, local laws, what you do for work, where you work, what time you leave your house in the morning.  All of these things factor into what potential threats you may face.  

  • So, while the basic tenets of Self Protection are universal, the devil is in the details.  Each individual needs to formulate their own personalized Self Protection game plan.   

Combatives Club Meet-up

If you are interested in checking out a class, scheduling a seminar, or want further details, don't hesitate to email us for details!

Upcoming Seminars

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Combat Con Summer 2019

More seminars TBA!

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